Cases and Cords

Gearbox – P/N 0105

Hard spec case. Holds one spec with seperate centre compartments for 3 sets of spare lenses. Addition top compartment can store FogStop Optix Pen/Wipes. Finished with 2 stitched belt loops and dog clip.

Monster Spec Case – P/N 0107

Semi hard spec case. Holds one spec with additional compartments for spare lenses or other components. Clear identification window with separate zip compartment to store lens cleaning wipes. Finished with 2 stitched belt loops and dog clip connector.

Studded Spec Sack – P/N 0106

Soft microfiber draw string spec sack with new studded rubberised surface. Turn inside out and use as a quick fix lens cleaning cloth

Spec Jacket – P/N 0103

Semi hard neoprene finish general spec case. Holds any style. Finished with 2 stitched belt loops and dog clip connector

Grip Cord™ P/N 0100

Tension adjustable spectacle cord with easy quick release rubber temple grips. Universal fit. Pack size: 10 pcs with retail hanger card


New improved formula with added anti-bacterial protection

The best way to clean eyewear is with mild soapy water. Alternatively use Aquaclean Plus pre-moistened wipes, it’s like carrying mild soapy water in your pocket. Tested safe on all optics and performance certified by Colts Laboratories.


Includes 500ml spray bottle / 2x
280 tissue box / AC500CS


The FOG STOP OPTIX SHAMMY is a premium high performance dry cloth treatment that quickly and effectively stops fog on all kinds of eyewear, including safety glasses, goggles, visors and even lenses with anti-reflective coatings.
The quick and easy wipe on application goes on clear without smearing and provides long lasting protection for up to 24-72 hours. Each shammy is reusable up to 60 times and supplied with a flip-top protective case.

Hang Sell Pack – Single – FS-OS1
Counter Display Box – 10 Pack – FS-OS10