Super Boxa

The SUPER BOXA is a top-selling premium product.

Designed to protect your eyes from airborne particles, dust, and impact with its one-piece wraparound lens and form-fitting SBR rubber gasket.

Featuring co-moulded Flexi-Max temples to ensure a super comfortable fit alongside a fully coated Titanium anti-fog/anti-scratch lens for optimal visual clarity and performance.

A fully adjustable elastic strap for additional stability is also included with every pair.



  • Ultra light-weight
  • 10 base curve lens
  • Titanium High Performance AF/AS lens coating
  • Equipped with SBR gasket
  • Co-moulded Flexi-Max rubber temples
  • Fully adjustable elastic strap included
  • Weight / 36 grams
  • AS/NZS 1337.1 : 2010